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Find out how to improve your life by adding Clarity.



Ergonomic style

From the moment you sit down you will feel the difference. Our engineers have created armchairs that complete the contours of the body, facilitating natural relaxation. Once you are in the comfortable contoured seats, the strategic jet positioning ensures targeted hydrotherapy from head to toe.


stressrelief-seat (1).jpg

Neck and Shoulder Seat ™

Reverse modeling is the secret to soothing neck and shoulder hydrotherapy that goes beyond the usual methods.


Master Force ™
Bio-magnetic therapy system

Magnetotherapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling and relieve stiffness. Currently, more and more doctors and physiotherapists are returning to the healing effects of magnetotherapy.

Views and sounds

Dream lighting *


Fusion Air Sound System *

At night, Dream Lighting provides a warm and inviting glow to the outer corners of your Clarity Spa. This option will be a beautiful accent in your garden.

Bring your favorite music to life and complete your spa experience with the optional Bluetooth sound system.

Pure pleasure


EcoPur® water treatment

EcoPur® Charge is the exclusive Master Spas hot tub water filtration system that makes tub maintenance simple, reducing overall costs and time spent on maintenance.


Energy-saving hot tubs

Thanks to our Master Crafted construction method and Icynene foam insulation, our spas have energy efficiency built in, making them easy to use and enjoyable.

* Indicates an optional feature

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