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H2Xercise System

Stay fit in your own backyard

Once in the water, you'll notice that the H2X has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles, making it the perfect choice for a variety of fitness exercises. You can go jogging on a gentle current, use the board or use the H2Xercise system, which includes a rowing kit, bands, H2Xercise bells, H2Xercise fins, H2Xercise aquatic exercise manual, and is standard on all models.

With the jets turned off, you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range of motion exercises. The buoyancy of water naturally facilitates exercises for the joints, and this approach ensures effective and gentle training of the whole body and mind.

H2Xercise Ringtones : This unique design allows adjustment in four different resistance levels to suit each user and fitness level. Whether the goal is rehabilitation or high-level performance training, these are the dumbbells for you.


H2Xercise Ankle Fins: These fitted, comfortable fins provide smooth resistance in every direction you move. They allow you to effectively and efficiently strengthen the muscles used every day.

H2Xercise Rowing Kit and Resistance Bands: Easy to connect, use the rowing kit for upper body strength and endurance training. When you're done, simply release the four attachment points and store it in the sturdy H2Xercise bag for your next session. Numerous bands and overlays are ideal for a variety of strength and flexibility exercises.


H2Xercise Aquatic Workout for all fitness levels: a new way to exercise. Dr. Rick McAvoy, PT, DPT, CSCS and the Professor of Hydrotherapy is the author of an exercise program written exclusively for the Master Spas Swim Line. This program is specially designed to help you get the most out of your spa swimming experience and is presented in an easy-to-understand format.

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