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Family fun at Swim Spa

The Michael Phelps Bath Spa by Master Spas is perfect for year-round fun and learning. Children can learn to swim for the first time in a safe and controlled environment where they feel comfortable and at ease. It only takes a day to install, but the joy will last a lifetime!


We will also help you create the perfect oasis in your backyard! Enjoy standard waterfalls, LED lighting and optional high-end stereo with Bluetooth technology. This system even lets you watch your favorite shows or movies on your iPad®! Ask your dealer for our waterproof iPad® case and durable suction cup base that will allow you to set up your 'cinema' anywhere in your swim spa.


The Michael Phelps swimming spa by Master Spas will significantly change your home and your family's well-being. And today is the perfect day to choose your swimming pool!

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