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Hot Tubes Health Benefits

Whirlpool hydrotherapy offers a range of health benefits *.

Regular bathing in a hot tub can:

-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Release pain, including pain associated with chronic diseases
-Increase mobility
-Improve sleep

With a hot tub, you can improve the quality of your life and achieve your health goals.

* Always talk to your doctor before starting a new health routine.

Reduced stress and anxiety


Research shows that bathing in a hot tub can significantly reduce stress.

According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, "After 25 minutes of soaking in a 102-degree hot tub, the autonomic nervous system changes when immersed in warm water, producing changes parallel to those seen when relaxing and reducing anxiety."

Promoting Deeper Relaxation:

-The combination of hot water and massage jets reduces muscle tension and relieves physical stress.
-Hot water raises body temperature.
-The water temperature causes blood vessels to widen, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.



One of the benefits of a jacuzzi bath is the relief of chronic pain, which is an increasing health problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 50 million American adults suffer from chronic pain, "one of the most common reasons why adults seek medical attention."

Treatment of chronic pain often focuses on relieving symptoms and improving quality of life. A hot tub can complement traditional therapies to relieve pain from chronic diseases such as arthritis and sciatica.

Hot water can reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the muscles. In addition, the temperature of the water can prevent painful muscle spasms. The joints will also feel less pressure due to the buoyancy of the water.

But hydrotherapy is about more than just water and temperature. Adjustable massage jets work on the muscles and release the build-up tension, so you can take advantage of the benefits of a whirlpool tub.

Jacuzzi therapy can benefit people with the following conditions:

-Chronic low back pain
-Chronic headaches and migraines
-Sport injuries

Increased mobility


Water temperature and buoyancy can help improve strength and flexibility. Stretching and exercising in a hot tub can also improve mobility without risking injury. Athletes who rehabilitate a sports injury can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub that safely moves stiff joints.

Better sleep


Aside from promoting more relaxation, one amazing benefit of using a hot tub is better sleep.

According to the American Psychological Association, "even a little lack of sleep or poor sleep can affect memory, judgment, and mood." Chronic sleep deprivation can negatively affect health, contributing to obesity and high blood pressure.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults sleep seven to nine hours a night. However, approximately 35 percent of American adults do not receive the suggested seven hours, and the US average is 6.8 hours of sleep per night.

How can a hot tub help you sleep better?

-Reduces stress
-Reduces pain
-Changes body temperature

Evening baths in a hot tub lead to a change in body temperature, making it easier to fall asleep and naturally reminding you that it's time to sleep. Taking time in the evening, including 20 minutes to relax in the jacuzzi, will positively affect your sleep.

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