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Energy-saving hot tubs

Easy to own, easy to operate

Better insulation means low energy costs. We use Icynene foam technology, which has radically raised the standard for urethane foam insulation systems used by almost all spa manufacturers in the US. Icynene is polycynene foam insulation that is safe for the environment. It allows spraying foam without ozone-destroying gases and without the risk of gas emissions.


High-quality insulation

The Icynene insulation system expands to 100 times its original volume in seconds to insulate and seal your spa. The resulting blanket of soft insulating foam creates a continuous thermal barrier that eliminates cold spots and significantly reduces energy costs.

The spa has a constant, comfortable temperature while the cold air is kept outside to prevent condensation and mold. Unlike urethane foam systems, which lose half their value in just two years, Icynene retains its insulating value throughout the life of the Master Spa.

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