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Team Master Spas

Master Spas is committed to supporting athletes in their efforts to achieve a balance between life and sport - whether they are fighting for the world championship or looking to stay healthy.


Michael Phelps is one of the most successful athletes in the world, winning 23 gold medals. Phelps first started working with Master Spas in 2010 after he made an appearance on the global swimming scene. Swimming at a swim spa "helped me create the best freestyle in my career," says Phelps. Now retired, the dad of three boys swims for mental and physical well-being.


Aly Raisman, member of "Fierce Five", is a five-time gold medalist and world gymnastics champion. Now she is working on her mental and physical health. By encouraging people to take the time to take care of themselves, Raisman shows how Master Spas can be used for exercise and meditation.


Mirinda Carfrae, or Rinny as they call her, started competing in the triathlon in her native Australia when she was a teenager. She won the IRONMAN World Champion title three times, proving that she is a power in this sport. Master Spas's H2X Challenger allows her to focus on her swimming technique and mimic open water conditions.


Based in Tucson, Arizona, Ben Hoffman won his first IRONMAN race in 2010 at Lake Placid. He later won six more and took the podium at the IRONMAN World Championship. Hoffman trains in the Master Spas H2X Challenger, which allows him to improve his swimming technique and prioritize recovery.


Master Spas gathered members of Team Master Spas at a special Zoom call as part of the annual meeting with dealers. They offered a unique perspective by sharing how they incorporate the bathing beach into their training and family life. The competition was attended by professional triathletes: Ben Hoffman, Mirinda Carfrae, Tim O'Donnell and Meredith Kessler; professional runner Jordan Hasay; and the influential Taren Gesell and James Lawrence.


Meredith Kessler, in Columbus, Ohio, attended her first IRONMAN in 2000 and did not look back. She loves racing and has completed more than 60 IRONMAN long distance events. The H2X Challenger helps her balance training demands in work and life as a mom, wife and friend.


Tim O'Donnell, one of the most successful triathletes in the world, has stood on the podium more than 50 times. O'Donnell finished second at the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii and recorded the fastest American finish in history (7:59:40). While training on the H2X Challenger 15D, O'Donnell regularly includes water jogging and recovery swimming on his schedule.



Jordan Hasay, originally from California, is the second-fastest American to ever run a marathon. A professional runner, however, struggles with injuries. Swimming and cross training kept her fit and improved her strength. The Master Spas swim spa allows her to train in warm water at home.



James Lawrence wants to redefine the impossible. Known for completing 50 IRONMAN efforts in 50 days across 50 states, Lawrence broke several Guinness World Records. Although he loves to question his limitations, he is a family man at heart. The H2X Challenger allows him to train at home and spend time with his wife and five children.



Known for his YouTube channel and podcast, Triathlon Taren, Gesell is an age-group professional triathlete who wants to help people cross the finish line strong and confident. The Master Spas swim spa allows Gesell to train all year round in his "pain cave" garage / studio on his property.


Official Swim Spa

Master Spas is the official partner of USA Swimming and the IRONMAN World Championship


About Master Spas Swim Spa

Master Spas is the world's largest manufacturer of swimming pools, operating on a state-of-the-art 33-acre manufacturing campus. Master Spas produces the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa and the H2X Fitness Swim Spa. The company is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 90 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

At Master Spas, buying a hot tub or swim spa is as relaxing as using them.


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