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Meet the H2X Fitness Swim Spa

Thanks to three unique lines, H2X Fitness Swim Spa will keep you comfortable and motivated to achieve your goals.


Know your type

You want to find a spa that fits your lifestyle, space and budget. For H2X Fitness swimming pools, there are three unique lines and 12 models to choose from. The difference is in the swim nozzles and performance options.

CHALLENGER SERIES : Top performance, VIP airless nozzles, programmable speed. Chellagers are perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

TRAINER SERIES : High-performance air-injected VIP nozzles, adjustable speed. The trainers are perfect for fitness enthusiasts and those seeking therapy.

THERAPOOL SERIES : condition-oriented, air-injected blasting nozzles, double speed. Therapools are ideal for small spaces and water therapy.

A direct comparison

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Perfect for swimming

Perfect for fitness and therapy

Drive system

The speed of the water current


Models equipped with both Swim Spa and Hot Tub

Xtreme Therapy Cove

Master Blaster® foot massage therapy *

Jetted hydrotherapy chairs

StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat ™ *

Master Force ™ bio-magnetic therapy system *

EcoPur® Charge Filtration

Ozone system

Stainless Steel Jets

Water functions

LED lighting

H2Xercise Fitness System


6 VIP airless nozzles

4 VIP nozzles with air injection

2-3 jet nozzles

25 speed levels

Adjustable speed

Double speed

* On selected models

Challenger Swim Spas


Challenger bridges the gap between fitness and performance so you can take your training to the next level. Challenger models feature an innovative jet system that does not introduce air into the water jet. Thanks to VIP airless technology and six strategically placed nozzles, the system produces a smooth, wide jet of water that can challenge a novice or elite swimmer with the push of a button. Additionally, get the hydrotherapy and relaxation you want and need.

Aquaspeed VSP ™

The AquaSpeed ​​VSP touchscreen has easy-to-use controls that allow you to set the speed of the current and program the training. With 25 speed settings, you can adjust the pace to match your endurance effort or change it to take advantage of interval training.

VSP is currently not available for the International Challenger bathing areas. Instead, 3 high flow pumps produce a strong, deep and wide current of water from a combination of the 7 available speeds.

Who will love it : athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Trainer Swim Spas


H2X Fitness Trainers provide swimming and exercise better than traditional air-injected spas. By combining science and engineering, VIP technology ensures more efficient water flow for swimming, running or walking. Hydrotherapy and relaxation are built into Xtreme Therapy Cove, massage jets and the ability to adjust the water temperature to your comfort level.

Who will love it : fitness enthusiasts and therapy seekers

Therapool Swim Spas


Perfect for exercise, the H2X Fitness Therapool models will help you stay active and stay active. Therapool models are equipped with up to three jets to complement the natural resistance of the water so you can get the most out of your training. Built-in hydrotherapy and relaxation functions, with a contoured seat, massage jets and the ability to regulate the water temperature to a soothing 37 degrees.

Who will love it : People looking for fitness and therapy

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