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BARON ™ 320

The entire Baron series is, above all, the essence of style. It has an excellent appearance that goes well with both modern and classic decor. Perfect for people who follow trends in interior design, who do not accept compromises. You will cook the most sophisticated dishes on it that will surprise your guests.

Specifications for the Baron ™ 320 gas grill

  • 3 Flav-R-Wave ™ flavors made of stainless steel.

  • 3 patented Dual-Tube ™ stainless steel burners with a 10-year warranty and a total power of 9.3 kW.

  • 3 double-sided Flav-R-Cast ™ cast iron grids

  • The dimensions of the main grates are 48 cm x 44 cm.

  • Option to change the position of the grates.

  • Top grate made of steel rods coated with sintered ceramic with a wall at the back.

  • Cabinet with space for an 11 kg gas cylinder.

  • EZ-Lift ™ foldable side shelves

  • Lid with Roll-On technology.

  • Accurate Deluxe Accu-Temp ™ thermometer.

  • Sure-Lite ™ electronic lighter.

  • Illuminated knobs.

  • 4 swivel 7.6 cm casters with the possibility of blocking.

  • Grill elements covered with epoxy powder paint.

  • Linear-Flow ™ valves for smooth temperature control with 180 ° Sensi-Touch ™ knobs.

  • Gas hose and 37mbar regulator with EFV protection fitted at the factory.

  • Galvanized steel door covered with black epoxy powder paint.

  • Chamber cover covered with ceramic sintered with stylish walls made of cast.

Grill dimensions:

Grate dimensions:

  • height - 116 cm

  • width - 127 cm

  • depth - 61 cm

Grill weight:

57 kg

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