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Angel Eye LifeGuard is a revolutionary underwater monitoring system and advanced alert system designed to enhance safety in the aquatic environment and rescue operations.

Using an advanced underwater camera system and artificial intelligence (AI) software capable of monitoring hundreds of swimmers in the water, Angel Eye LifeGuard detects the potential risk of submersion in seconds, alerting rescuers via wireless smart watch and handheld maintained technology.

Ideally suited for large public, city pools, water parks and residential pools, the Angel Eye LifeGuard focuses on safety in the toughest situations, both indoors and outdoors - day or night.

AngelEye Technologies has a unique vision: to reduce the number of drownings worldwide by using the most advanced vision technology and monitoring software available to anticipate submersion incidents, and enable rescuers to focus more on the water and more eyes under the water.


According to the CDC, more than 10 people die each day from drowning in the United States, and 15,000 are hospitalized for sinus injuries.

It is estimated that 22% of drownings occur in public swimming pools, costing an average of $ 3 million per event.

The financial cost of long-term care for victims of underwater incidents exceeds $ 3 billion annually.


Angel Eye LifeGuard is a dedicated underwater detection solution that identifies the exact location of potential threats in active pools. Unlike terrestrial camera systems which only monitor the last known position of an object on the water's surface, the Angel Eye LifeGuard maintains a clear pressure on each swimmer in the pool, both on the surface and underwater, making submersion detection much more precise.

When every second counts, Angel Eye LifeGuard focuses rescuers' efforts on coordinated response to critical events.

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