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AMA Luxury Showers

Solar showers, rain showers, bathroom faucets

Modern technology appears in our lives more and more often. Until recently, a solar powered shower in your backyard was a real luxury, as was having your own pool. Now they are at your fingertips! The solar shower we offer is the best example of the practical use of the latest technology in everyday objects.
A garden shower is perfect for hot summer days when you want to cool down. It is irreplaceable wherever there are such popular garden pools. You no longer have to use your home bathroom to wash off the chlorine. Importantly, the device uses solar energy, so its use is ecological and does not contribute to an increase in electricity bills.
The solar shower is connected to the water supply system, and under the influence of sunlight it is able to heat the water pumped into a 34-liter tank. Then the heated water is mixed with the cooler one, giving a pleasant stream with a temperature of 30 ° C, which we are able to fully regulate using the installed battery. A tap has been installed in the lower part of the shower panel, which will be useful during everyday activities.

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