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Practice in the comfort of your own garden and have fun.

With the H2X Fitness Swim Spa, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of exercising in the water without the commute and frustration of a traditional fitness center.

After all, you shouldn't be limited by the facility's opening hours, weather or seasons.


The benefits of exercising in the water

Nothing should stand between you and your goals. That's why the H2X Fitness Swim Spa has a large, obstacle-free swimming area, allowing you to move freely any way you want. When you exercise on H2X, you can benefit from cardiovascular and resistance training without affecting your joints. Thanks to the natural resistance and buoyancy of the water, the body feels supported in the swim spa and you can move with an increased range of motion. People exercising in the water often see improvements in balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as less pain.

Water therapy at Swim Spa

Adjustable controls on the swim spa let you set the temperature in the 1980s for a comfortable workout. Or you can increase it to the therapeutic range (mid 90s) to enjoy the benefits of warm water.

In addition, select H2X Fitness Swim Spa models are 60 inches deep, which multiplies the benefits of water buoyancy.


Water buoyancy facts

In buoyancy, the more you sink into the water, the more water you support. Enter the waist-high water and the water maintains 50% of your body weight. Water reaching the chest reduces the effect of gravity by 70%. And the water is neck-deep? Ninety percent of your body weight is supported.

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